Wine mom sips on a glass of wine at dinner table

Wine Mom Culture

In the simplest terms possible, a wine mom is a mother who drinks wine. However, wine mom culture has grown into a popular, yet dangerous phenomenon. The culture has brought mothers together for weekly social events where drinking wine is the focus. But trend has become so popular that is has sparked a massive marketing …

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person holding hand of a partner while dating an addict

Dating Someone Who Is Struggling with Addiction

Dating an addict can be complicated. You want to support your loved one, but you also want to protect yourself. Remember that you may not always be the top priority to your partner if he or she is currently battling a substance use disorder. Finding ways to cope with this and setting boundaries is crucial. …

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What Is a High Functioning Alcoholic_

What Is a High-Functioning Alcoholic?

One common myth about alcoholism is that its signs are obvious. Many people think the lives of alcoholics are in complete disarray, but that’s not always the case. What is a high-functioning alcoholic?A functioning alcoholic is physically and psychologically dependent on alcohol but can pretty much function as normal. Think about it like another mental …

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How to tell my kid has opioid addiction

How to Tell If Your Kid has an Opioid Addiction

What might be keeping you up at night is the fear that things have gotten out of control. You wonder, “Is it drugs? Is it an opioid addiction?” Sometimes how it begins is a gnawing feeling that something isn’t right. You may notice a change in mood or attitude or have a sense that things …

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parents argue in front of children about how addiction affects families

How Addiction Affects Families

The US is now realizing the extent of how addiction affects families, which is why treatment experts emphasize the need for treating the entire family. The strain of alcohol and drug abuse wrecks many peaceful, loving homes. Conflicts are bound to erupt as trust begins to erode between family members. Addiction affects all family members, …

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