signs of meth use

Signs of Meth Use

Methamphetamine (or meth) is a stimulant drug used for recreational purposes. Its crystal form (crystal meth) is highly addictive. Crystal meth (or “ice”) can be smoked or snorted. Smoking achieves a faster onset and more intense effects. The instant and extreme euphoria associated with crystal meth are very addictive. Meth addiction can devastate the person […]

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effects of meth on brain

Long Term Effects of Meth on the Brain

Crystal meth is among the most widely used regulated substances in circulation. Currently, it’s estimated that 2.4 million Americans regularly use methamphetamines, and with popularity consistently on the climb. Some of the effects of meth are comparable to other stimulants, which flood the central nervous system with dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin to create a potent

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a man needs to know what does meth do to your body

What Does Meth Do To Your Body?

Meth is an illegal drug that can give you a false sense of energy. Also known as “speed” or “crank,” crystal meth is an incredibly addictive stimulant that impacts your nervous system.  The high you get from meth can be very strong and pleasurable, but it’s also very dangerous. Meth can cause long-term damage to

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Man running for exercise and addiction recovery

Meth Recovery Process: Can Exercise Even Help?

Can Exercise Really Help Keep You on Track? Methamphetamine use disorder takes a toll on the brain’s reward systems, often resulting in mental health issues, like depression, which can linger for a while even after the person has stopped using the drug.  Adopting healthy lifestyle choices that can counter these effects is an important part

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