Opioid Addiction Treatment

Person consoles another as she exhibits signs of roxicodone abuse

Signs of Roxicodone Abuse

Doctors often prescribe opioids for the management of pain. However, these highly addictive drugs can cause lifelong dependence. One of these opioids is Roxicodone. At our drug addiction treatment center, we offer programs to help you get back to a sober life if you have an addiction to Roxicodone. Contact Washburn House today by calling …

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Person sits on the floor as they exhibit to loved ones, signs of opiate abuse

5 Signs of Opiate Abuse

Opiates like heroin and prescription painkillers are highly addictive and can cause severe complications. However, opiate abuse symptoms are not always easy to detect. Your loved one may be living with a substance use disorder without your knowledge. Familiarizing yourself with the warning signs of opiate abuse can help you identify if someone you care …

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person sitting by window considers common morphine withdrawal symptoms

What Are Some Morphine Withdrawal Symptoms?

When someone you love is addicted to prescription painkillers like morphine, you may notice that they seem excessively drowsy. Perhaps they fall asleep at inappropriate times, such as at work, school, or even while driving. This is a sign that they may be misusing opioids, which are well known for their sedative effects. Not only …

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