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How Do I Choose Where to Go for Addiction Treatment?

When you or someone you know is finally at the point of seeking professional help for substance abuse the next steps can be overwhelming as you learn about the addiction treatment options available. Deciding the best route out of active addiction and into recovery will be rocky. What factors are most important? Beyond knowing if a program is located near you and seeing a couple of photos, what should you look for as you choose a program?

There are many types of treatment programs for those seeking recovery. From inpatient to online groups, the opportunities for a sober future are abundant for those in Worcester, Massachusetts. No matter your individual circumstance, there is a program and a team out there that will be by your side every step of the way.

Do Your Research

The important thing is to be open to exploring several types of programs available to determine which treatment plan is going to have the highest chance of success. Take the time to thoroughly research available options for your addiction, co-occurring conditions and your specific situation. 

This is a key time to analyze the types of treatment that you would benefit most from and an opportunity to curate a personalized path of recovery and healing. Being diligent and honest about the situation will be best for everyone. This may be difficult at the time. But being honest about your use and associated behaviors will only add to your success.

Be Honest About Your Situation

Dealing with the specifics of a treatment program and the emotions tangled up in the idea of accepting help could backfire if you’re not prepared to handle the triggers that arise. 

Knowing what each recovery program offers can make some options more viable than others. Finding the best support team to help guide you into sobriety is a vital decision to your ultimate recovery success. Sharing an honest reflection of your substance use history—taking into account associated behaviors, medical conditions and even co-occurring addictions—will all need to be considered when looking for an appropriate treatment program.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Addiction Treatment Program

Program cost and health insurance coverage

Figuring out how treatment is going to get paid for and who will be responsible for shouldering the cost is one of the first steps. Keep in mind that no matter the financial cost, your sobriety is priceless.

Here at Washburn House, we accept Medicaid to offer treatment to everyone ready for a new life. Filling out the form on this page can help you determine whether Washburn House is the right fit for you.

Distance from home, family and loved ones

Sometimes even the thought of not being able to see loved ones can be taxing on motivation and detrimental to success. These details can make a difference. For those in Boston, Springfield, Auburn, Grafton, Holden or elsewhere in Worcester County, Washburn House’s accessible location could make it the right choice for you!

Facility rules and restrictions

Every treatment option and facility will have different rules that will apply to its residents and patients. Those facing recovery can be triggered by the thought of restrictions. Things like not being able to leave the property or not being able to smoke cigarettes. However, those restrictions are often in place to help support your recovery and ensure that you don’t replace one bad habit with another.

Reading the About Us section on the website, or the mission statement can also help you gather a sense of what the treatment center believes, and how you can expect to be treated when you arrive. 


Each treatment center will have a slightly different setup depending on the type of program. Knowing details like rooming, meal options and recreational items ahead of time can save some volatility later.

The continuum of care offered by the treatment center

Will you be able to stay with the same treatment team as you work your way through the stages of recovery? Or will you need to add coordinating your next steps at every turn to the list of worries that you will need to contend with as you address your recovery?

Working with a program that offers multiple levels of care can also help you tailor a unique path through the recovery process that is right for you. Whether you need to begin with detoxification and progress through residential before moving onto outpatient options. Or you are just in need of an outpatient treatment program, Washburn House has a route that makes sense for your situation. 

Our treatment programs include:

Co-ed or gender-specific environment

The opportunity to recover among those of the same sex can be appealing. However, hearing from the opposite gender about their experiences may also help you understand yourself in a new way. And feel more connected to the human experience. Everyone is different. The important part is being honest with yourself. And those helping you through recovery about what will help you be successful. 

Know that even in a co-ed facility like Washburn House, the unique needs of both men and women are taken into consideration. 

Do you need detox?

Depending on the current state of your addiction, or your loved one’s, medically supervised detox may be required. Factors that determine whether detox is required include the length, frequency, amount of use, and the specific substance. An evaluation by our experienced medical professionals can give you a better idea about whether this should be the first step in your recovery. 

Do you have a co-occurring disorder?

When you are living with a mental health condition such as a mood disorder, personality disorder, or trauma and stressor-related disorder, there are specific things to consider when it comes to your treatment. Many individuals facing any combination of the above often turn to substances t to self-medicate from the mental health challenges. 

There is also a common reciprocal relationship with alcohol and other drugs. Where the symptoms of repeated drug use can mimic or mask mental health conditions and the inverse. In these instances, it can be challenging to diagnose a mental illness while the substances remain in the system. Both disorders require concurrent treatment and intervention from a provider who is well-versed in attending to co-occurring disorders

Do you need treatment that’s specific to your particular drug of choice?

As you consider your treatment needs, you may feel at odds with the needs of individuals who fall prey to different drugs of choice. You want to work with a treatment team that doesn’t treat all addictions the same. And knows how to work with the specific challenges you face. 

Have you been through treatment before?

If you have been through treatment in the past, you may already have a good idea about what works for you and what doesn’t. It is important to pay attention to that experience as a source of information for you moving forward. What made you more likely to shut down? What was difficult for you but ultimately seemed helpful? 

With those questions in mind, you can also take the time to ask yourself, what do I need to do differently this time? Can I open up in a group session sooner? Is there someone else in the program I can latch onto? How can I make the most of my time in treatment to make some serious changes in my life?

Consider All Your Options

While coming to a decision about the best treatment options for your specific circumstances, there will be many things to consider and discuss. Variables and factors to consider when seeking a treatment program and facility will vary from person to person. Choosing the right treatment option or facility can be a massively challenging experience.

One of the most important considerations before seeking a long-term addiction treatment program is safety. If prior medical conditions or substance use determines that having medical supervision should be available for initial detox—this needs to be accommodated at all costs. Secondarily, any co-occurring addiction or impeding behaviors must be assessed, addressed and considered.

Time to Decide: Is Washburn House Right for You?

Treatment for drug and alcohol addiction cannot be a one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why Washburn House in Worcester, Massachusetts, customizes its addiction treatment programs for your unique needs. Washburn House will work with you and your family to determine which type of addiction treatment is best for you. With a variety of treatment options available, we will set you up for long-term success. Call us at 844-8502566.

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