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Overcoming addiction is a journey, but it’s a journey you define. At Washburn House, we encourage you to take the time you need. Whether it’s weeks or years, you can ease yourself through the recovery process from detox to day treatment.

What Is Day Treatment?

Day treatment, which is also known as a partial hospitalization program (PHP), is an outpatient addiction treatment program that offers those struggling with addiction a stepping stone toward recovery. You don’t need 24-hour assistance, but you’ll still receive consistent therapeutic care from the professionals at Washburn House on most days of the week.

Is A Partial Hospitalization Program Right for Me?

This woman is participating in our partial hospitalization program.Washburn House’s partial hospitalization program in Worcester, Massachusetts is an option for our clients who can’t live in our facility for inpatient care. You may have completed an inpatient rehab program at our facility or completed other addiction treatment center programs in Worcester, Massachusetts, or you may have never received residential care but feel you need a little extra support in your recovery.

You recognize that you have more progress to make in developing strong sober-living and relapse prevention skills, and you want to keep working toward your goals. As such we make stepping down to our intensive outpatient rehab center in Worcester, Massachusetts a seamless process.

What Is Day Treatment Like at Washburn House?

Your partial hospitalization program begins when you meet your case manager. If you’ve already completed a treatment program with us, your case manager will stay the same.

After an initial assessment, your case manager will customize the best course of treatment for your needs. You’ll also get to know several group leaders. As a team, you will work together regularly to make sure you’re on the right path toward a sober life.

Washburn House’s day treatment program includes six hours of group sessions, five days a week. Each day, you can expect highly structured clinical treatment. Our program provides:

  • Individual counseling – You’ll meet with a therapist one-on-one to work on changes to your behavior and focus specifically on your recovery journey. We want all of our clients to feel that they’re in a safe, non-judgmental environment
  • Psychological evaluations – A qualified psychologist will confirm whether you’re receiving the right type of care. To make sure you’re getting what you need, your psychologist may use questionnaires, physical exams, and self-assessment tools
  • Group counseling – We believe group counseling is a key component of any addiction recovery program because the support you can get from peers is invaluable, as is social interaction. At Washburn, you’ll attend sessions focused on relapse prevention, stress management, health relationships, and more
  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) – For some people, medication may be an additional course of action to aid in the recovery process. MAT is most effective in treating substance use disorders when we combine it with behavioral therapy. You likely won’t be prescribed medication alone

Specialized electives are also available during your day treatment. Depending on your treatment plan, you could have access to these holistic therapies such as yoga, painting, and poetry. If necessary, you’ll also participate in our dual diagnosis treatment center.

What Happens After I Complete Day Treatment?

During our partial hospitalization program in Worcester, Massachusetts, you will be taught tactics to help you in life after you leave our care. Your care team will provide resources for:

  • Support groups
  • 12-step programs
  • Sober-living homes
  • Additional counseling services

You won’t leave our care until you’re confident you can call on these aftercare resources if and when you need them.

A partial hospitalization program such as our day treatment just scratches the surface of a new, addiction-free life. Once you and your Washburn care team feel you’ve met your goals for improving your life skills and progressing with your recovery, you’ll know it’s time to move on!

Change doesn’t happen overnight! Our professional staff is ready to help you make the changes you wish to see in yourself on the timeline that best works for you. Some of our addiction treatment centers include:

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