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Welcome To Rooted: Washburn House Alumni Communities

Rooted is a free alumni program service provided to alumni from any of the Promises family of treatment centers to attend for life and is offered weekly at a variety of cities nationwide and online through our virtual meetings on the Zoom platform.

As society is aligning with the social adjustments needed for purposeful distancing, we have adjusted our sails so that we can navigate these winds and lead our alumni and others in recovery through these storms while continuing to provide meaningful avenues of connection.

Until further notice, We are welcoming all people in all forms of recovery (including those who did not attend treatment with us) to join us on any of our recently-expanded range of virtual recovery meetings. No matter what you are recovering from or what brought you here, WE ARE SO GLAD TO HAVE YOU JOIN US!

Below you will find our live calendar listing each of our virtual recovery meetings that are accessible to anyone worldwide all week, every week!

Justin LaPorte | Recovery Coach, Alumni Coordinator
Washburn House
Phone: (508) 796-6219

All of our alumni coordinators are peer recovery trained.

What Happens After Rehab?

Addiction recovery starts with detox and progresses through drug and alcohol substance abuse treatment and addiction therapy programs. What happens after rehab? What happens after you return home? You become part of the alumni program and give back to your community.

You’ve made your choice and made it through some of the toughest parts of addiction recovery. It takes a great deal of courage to make it this far and by now you know you’re not alone. Stand up to your past with new peers and one of the largest support networks in an alumni program.

What is an Alumni Program?

An alumni program doesn’t mean you’ve graduated from addiction and can’t be tempted by drugs or alcohol. Addiction recovery is a lifelong process requiring a certain level of upkeep. Alumni programs provide a means of continued involvement in not only your recovery but other’s as well.

Alumni programs involve the following:

  • Support group meetings: meetings for positivity and encouragement
  • Annual gatherings: seasonal events celebrated alcohol and drug-free
  • Volunteering in the community: helping a local effort increases happiness all around
  • Community involvement: explore the community from basketball games to summer festivals
  • Helping others in recovery: play an active role in peers struggling with addiction

Who can Join an Alumni Program?

Until further notice, all are welcome to join Rooted. All are welcome in any form of recovery including addiction, substance abuse, or dual diagnosis. Together we can stay strong through challenging times and celebrate through good times.

Even if you’ve received addiction treatment from another facility, you are welcome! Our virtual alumni services make it possible for people anywhere and from any background to join us. No matter the physical distance, peer support can be found even in the darkest of times.

Washburn House Alumni Program

Washburn House alumni proudly join Rooted, a Promises community of those who have challenged themselves to find addiction recovery.

Rooted stands out amongst other alumni programs through a reach beyond local Massachusetts communities. Anywhere you go, virtual meetings are available through Zoom. We believe you should have support no matter what or where you go. Our alumni network stretches nationwide to provide anyone struggling with addiction with professional and peer support.

Join the Alumni Program

No matter where you are on the road to recovery, contact Washburn House to express your interest in joining the alumni program and local community efforts. No matter what level of support you need the following programs can help in times of need:

The end of your time at Washburn House is only the beginning of your lifelong recovery journey. Contact us today to participate in any of our addiction treatment and recovery programs. Call (844) 533-0039 to speak with our certified and caring staff members.

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