For those who are dealing with drug addiction, take the first step by completing the Washburn House Insurance verification process. Once you know where you stand with the insurance, you can move forward with the healing process.

Washburn House Insurance

When you reach out to Washburn House to verify insurance, an insurance coordinator will gather some information from you. Aside from your identifying information, you will need to provide your full insurance provider name, member ID number, and plan type. In addition, if there are any other numbers associated with your card, have them handy to give to the person with whom you speak.

The insurance coordinator will contact your provider for you, and find out the exact details of your plan. They will determine how much drug addiction coverage your plan will handle.

Insurance Coverage

Recently enacted Federal Law states that insurance companies must provide coverage for drug addiction issues. The reason for the law is that research indicates that drug addiction is a medical condition, not just a problem you need to deal with on your own. That means that just as they provide coverage for a physical problem, they also must help with your drug addiction issues too.

The dollar amount that insurance carriers cover is not automatically determined by federal law, which means that part is not regulated by the government. Therefore, it may not be totally one hundred percent covered. You may have to pay ten, twenty, or even fifty percent. The only way to find out is to have the insurance coordinator contact your provider to find out.

It is best to have the coordinator verify insurance because they know the appropriate codes to give the provider. In addition, they can find out if prior authorization is necessary. If so, you can take the proper steps with your healthcare provider.

Payment Options

Once the insurance coordinator gathers your information, contacts the insurance provider, and determines the amount covered, he or she will let you know the remaining amount you will need to pay. Or, if your insurance covers the entire amount, you’ll find out the amount of any co-pays or deductibles.

At this point, you can discuss payment options with the coordinator for the amount you will owe. If you already have the amount of money, then further discussion is unnecessary. However, if you don’t have the money, then your coordinator will discuss potential options such as financing.

Next Steps

It’s important to seek treatment for your addiction problem whether or not you have one hundred percent coverage. Take the first step toward recovery by reaching out to Washburn House and determining your insurance eligibility. Your health and wellbeing are critical to your future happiness. By taking that first step and reaching out for help, you are being proactive in your own destiny.

Introducing Washburn House

Welcome to Washburn House Facility in Worcester, Massachusetts, where our historic setting provides the perfect place for working on substance abuse recovery. You’ll learn perseverance during recovery as well as how to live a fulfilled life without drugs or alcohol. Our caring staff has years of experience and is ready to assist you on your journey to a happy life.

At the Washburn House, you’ll find a diverse range of treatment options all designed with patient comfort in mind. Dedicated therapists apply their professional expertise to help you find the path to independence from drug addiction.

Don’t wait until drug or alcohol addiction has ruined your life. Start the process by checking on your Washburn House Insurance. Reach out today, and contact us at 855.298.3104. We’ll guide you on the pathway to healing.