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Washburn House accepts Medicaid and Medicaid Managed Care plans for addiction treatment.

Payment Options

Once our admissions coordinator gathers your information and determines the amount covered, they will let you know the remaining amount you will need to pay.

At this point, you can discuss payment options with the coordinator for the amount you will owe. If you already have the amount of money, then further discussion is unnecessary. However, if you don’t have the money, then your coordinator will discuss potential options such as financing.

Next Steps

It’s important to seek treatment for your addiction problem whether or not you have one hundred percent coverage. Take the first step toward recovery by reaching out to Washburn House. Your health and wellbeing are critical to your future happiness. By taking that first step and reaching out for help, you are being proactive in your own destiny.

Introducing Washburn House

Welcome to Washburn House Facility in Worcester, Massachusetts, where our historic setting provides the perfect place for working on substance abuse recovery. You’ll learn perseverance during recovery as well as how to live a fulfilled life without drugs or alcohol. Our caring staff has years of experience and is ready to assist you on your journey to a happy life.

At the Washburn House, you’ll find a diverse range of treatment options all designed with patient comfort in mind. Dedicated therapists apply their professional expertise to help you find the path to independence from drug addiction.

Don’t wait until drug or alcohol addiction has ruined your life. Start the process by reaching out to our insurance team at 855.298.3104. We’ll guide you on the pathway to healing.

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