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Washburn House is a leading alcohol detox center that specializes in evidence-based and holistic treatment. We offer comprehensive detox for alcohol abuse. Our addiction treatment programs are also designed to help you with any co-occurring mental health disorders and addiction at the same time.

We employ proven methods that improve your chances of staying clean long-term. Whether you join our Massachusetts men’s rehab center or our women’s addiction treatment center, you can get the help you need from seasoned professionals. At Washburn House, we genuinely care about helping you get back on your feet.

What Can You Expect During Detox?

Man leaning about an alcohol detox center in Worcester MassachusettsThe most challenging step to take in recovery is the first. Once you finally decide to get clean, however, you will enter a period of detox. At the alcohol detox center in Worcester, Massachusetts, your body flushes out the toxins that have poisoned your system. Your brain also adjusts to functioning without alcohol.

This process can cause a wide range of withdrawal symptoms, such as:

  • Cold chills or sweating
  • Anxiety or irritation
  • Lack of sleep or sleeping too much
  • Drastic changes in your diet
  • Severe cravings that do not seem to go away
  • Vomiting or nausea

The most severe symptoms may last five to ten days. Other symptoms such as cravings can carry on for several weeks.

Treatment at Our Alcohol Detox Center

Washburn House offers comprehensive detox services to help you with your withdrawal symptoms. We provide a full staff, comfortable facilities, and medical detox if you need it. During your stay, we monitor your symptoms 24/7 and provide you with additional holistic treatment, if necessary.

Our goal is to ensure that you are safe and that you have the support you need during detox. We want you to complete this stage of your recovery so that you can move on to the next level of treatment. When you work with treatment professionals, your chances of completing detox are much higher.

Multidisciplinary Techniques in Treating Addiction

Once you complete detox, we offer comprehensive treatment for your addiction. We offer a broad range of therapies and techniques such as:

Also, we offer a 12 step program so that you can get the support you need from others who are on the road to recovery. You can meet with a Washburn House treatment specialist to determine what program is right for your needs.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Co-existing mental health issues and alcoholism often go hand in hand. Your mental health disorder may be triggering symptoms of your addiction. Likewise, addiction can intensify symptoms of your mental health disorder.

Through dual diagnosis treatment, a therapist can diagnose both your disorder and your addiction and recommend a separate treatment plan for each. While each treatment plan may differ, your therapist will utilize both to develop an umbrella treatment program. Through dual diagnosis, we can help you identify the underlying causes of your addiction and then get you on the right path to recovery.

Contact Us Today to Start Your Detox

If you are ready to start your road to recovery, then contact Washburn House today. No matter how far you are into your addiction to alcohol, we can help you begin your treatment plan.

Specialized programs include:

Our alcohol detox center provides you with all the tools and education you need to get back on your feet and stay clean. To find out more, call us at 855.298.3104. We can answer your questions, address your concerns, and discuss your treatment options. Healing begins at Washburn House.

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