woman laying in bed on phone seeing the relationship of drinking and social media

Drinking and Social Media

The current events in the U.S. and around the world are a clear indication of social media’s impact on society and culture. More specifically, it is easy to observe how drinking and social media are invariably linked. Each day, the newsfeeds of social media platforms are flooded with all types of references to alcohol even…

older mother considering Wine Mom Culture

Wine Mom Culture

In the simplest terms possible, a wine mom is a mother who drinks wine. However, wine mom culture is far more complex and has grown into a popular, yet dangerous phenomenon. It’s difficult to say when the culture began. Social media and the media, in general, have fueled the wine mom trend to the point…

woman weary from Benzos and Alcohol use

Benzos and Alcohol

Mixing alcohol with other substances is always a recipe for disaster. The combination of these substances increases the risk of long-term health problems and sudden side effects, including fatality. Two substances, in particular, benzos and alcohol, are especially dangerous and lead to life-threatening medical situations quickly. A Massachusetts intensive outpatient rehab center can help individuals…

woman holding her head in bed feeling the Dangers of Mixing Substances

Dangers of Mixing Substances

When used together, drugs and alcohol either heighten or reduce their effects. This interaction of substances in the body can cause severe side effects or lead to overdose. The dangers of mixing substances are often unknown to users, who either experiment with different substances or combine them unknowingly. People who use prescription medications such as…