woman holding her head in bed feeling the Dangers of Mixing Substances

Dangers of Mixing Substances

When used together, drugs and alcohol either heighten or reduce their effects. This interaction of substances in the body can cause severe side effects or lead to overdose. The dangers of mixing substances are often unknown to users, who either experiment with different substances or combine them unknowingly. People who use prescription medications such as…

woman drinking tea and looking out the window avoiding Anxiety During a Pandemic

Anxiety During a Pandemic

Anxiety disorders can have debilitating symptoms. There is an increased risk of anxiety disorders in those with substance use disorder. The latest global events can cause an increase in anxiety during a pandemic. This may cause you to experience the symptoms of an anxiety disorder, particularly if you are already prone to anxiety. If you…

man looking out the window worried about the Triggers of an Anxiety Attack

Triggers of an Anxiety Attack

Some anxiety attacks have a specific situation that “triggers” them. When you know the triggers of an anxiety attack, you can plan around them. In some cases, this means that you would make lifestyle changes that would minimize the risk of those triggers. For example, avoiding alcohol or attending an alcohol rehab program. In others,…

woman drinking beer in bar showing Signs of Alcoholism and day drinking

5 Signs of Alcoholism

If you’re worried that a loved one is suffering from alcoholism, it’s important to be on the lookout for tell-tale signs. Some of the symptoms of alcoholism may be obvious; others are a bit subtler. Get in-the-know, so you can take the next steps to help your loved one leave alcohol abuse in the past.…