a woman discusses dbt vs cbt with her therapist


There are many types of therapy treatment for mental illnesses, but a technique that may work for anxiety or depression might exacerbate personality or eating disorders. Before you decide the most suitable option between DBT vs. CBT, you must understand what each method entails. What Is the Difference Between CBT and DBT? Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)…

woman holding her sleeve to her nose showing signs of meth use

Signs of Meth Use

Methamphetamine (or meth) is a stimulant drug used for recreational purposes. Its crystal form (crystal meth) is highly addictive. Crystal meth (or “ice”) can be smoked or snorted. Smoking achieves a faster onset and more intense effects. The instant and extreme euphoria associated with crystal meth is very addictive. Meth addiction can be devastating, for…