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If you are seeking treatment for substance disorder, a group therapy program can provide the support you need to succeed. A support group is a valuable resource in helping you maintain sobriety without relapsing. Washburn House offers group therapy at our Massachusetts inpatient rehab center.

We understand that joining a support group can be a bit intimidating at first. Therefore, we slowly ease into a group that provides a safe environment. You do not have to feel pressure to talk or engage at first. However, in time, you will find value in a support group and learn to engage. You can learn from others, as you also provide insight and encouragement.

Group Therapy: Understanding the Dynamic

Group therapy program in Worcester, Massachusetts, underwayThe first thing that you need to understand about group therapy is that everyone in the group is on the same path to recovery. Although group therapy is often structured around a specific theme or goal, it allows you to speak freely about your thoughts, believes, or feelings.

In a group dynamic, you gain a deeper understanding of your addiction or mental disorder by listening to the insights provided by both your therapist and other people in the group. You may have the opportunity to attend group meetings multiple times a day or throughout the week. Your Washburn House therapist can guide through your meetings so that you can be successful.

Benefits of a Group Therapy Program

One of the harmful effects of addiction is that it can make you feel isolated. Many of our clients come to us feeling alone and that no one understands their situation. While it is reasonable to feel this way, you may discover that many other people are traveling down the same road as you.

For this reason, a group therapy program in Worcester, Massachusetts, is vital to your recovery. It can provide a wide range of benefits, such as:

  • Support from others who understand your struggles
  • A sounding board for your thoughts and beliefs
  • Motivation to keep moving forward regardless of your struggles
  • A platform to help you improve your social skills
  • A more affordable way to get help when you can’t afford expensive therapy
  • A way to learn more about yourself

When you can share what is going on inside of you with others, while receiving encouragement and support, you will find healing. Group therapy teaches you that we are all human and that each of us needs strength from those around us.

What to Expect in a Group Therapy Program

Washburn House therapy programs provide an array of treatments that can include groups. Some of the treatments that we offer in group settings may include:

Some of our treatments may begin as individual treatments and then slowly graduate into group settings. For instance, dialectical behavior therapy is more effective in one-on-one settings. However, as you learn to master some concepts, you may find that it is also beneficial in a group setting.

Join a Group Therapy Program at Washburn House

With all the benefits of a group therapy program, now is the time to join a support group. At Washburn House, our group therapy program in Worcester, Massachusetts provides lots of support, education, and motivation for you to get clean and stay clean. To find out more about the services we provide, call us at 855.298.3104. Washburn House can help you get on the road to recovery.

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