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group participates in therapy during opiate addiction treatmentFinding an opiate addiction treatment center is the first step in recovering from addiction and moving forward with your life. As you search for substance abuse treatment in Massachusetts, you will learn that you have options. At Washburn House’s opiate addiction treatment center in Worcester, Massachusetts, you will get the attention and support you need from medically assisted detox to aftercare programs. When you want to take your life back from addiction, the right program will give you the foundation you need to build your sobriety.

Understanding Opiate Addiction Treatment

Detox is the first phase of treatment for addiction. At our opiate addiction treatment center in Worcester, Massachusetts, you will have access to the following types of care:

  • Medical drug detox to safely withdraw from substances in a supervised, medication supported setting
  • Inpatient rehab programs add resources for your sobriety as you decide on your next steps
  • Day treatment when you are ready to return home but want continued care in a structured setting
  • An Intensive Outpatient Program can help you stabilize when you are back home

Addiction treatment takes time. While you spend about a week in a detox facility, treatment for addiction continues as you get stronger. You will have choices. You can return home if you feel safe to do so, or you can move on to the residential component of the facility to continue treatment.

Support During Treatment and Beyond

A support network is integral to your recovery from an addiction to opiates. While your friends and family may try to understand what you are going through, the people you meet while you are in a treatment program are going to get it. You will attend group sessions where you hear the stories of others who are working on their recovery. Pay attention to what people share and exchange contact information when you feel comfortable. As your support network grows, you will find you have people to depend on when you are feeling close to a relapse.

Finding the Right Therapist

Evidence-based addiction therapy can provide you with the professional guidance you need to learn more about your behaviors and how to improve your chances of preventing a relapse. While you may have friends in your life who try to offer support, a therapist is there for you to give you a professional interpretation of your behavior. A therapist who is experienced with addiction and recovery can have a positive impact on your experience.

Learning Ways to Prevent a Relapse

Relapse prevention strategies during opiate addiction treatment and beyond are vital to your overall success. Some techniques to prevent relapse include:

  • Learning mindfulness to improve your sense of peace and maintain a positive attitude
  • Attending community meetings to build your support network and learn from others
  • Volunteering to stay connected to others in your community
  • Increasing exercise to improve your health and help you maintain balance

Relapse prevention strategies can change over time. In order to find what works for you, it’s important to try new ways to manage your stress levels. It also helps to grow your support network and reach out when you are feeling stressed. Learn new ways to deal with negative thoughts, and you can increase your chances of maintaining your sobriety.

Recovering From Addiction One Step at a Time

Addiction recovery is possible, but you have to make the decision to get the help you need. It starts with asking for help and finding the right type of treatment program that works for you. Pay attention in groups, and be honest in your interactions. Learn from your peers and engage with your counselor. You don’t have to deal with addiction alone. Addiction is a disease that makes you feel like you don’t have many choices, but you have help waiting for you when you are ready.

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