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In recent years, the UnitedWoman leans back with confidence after Vivitrol treatment program States has seen a rise in opioid addiction and overdose deaths. Opioids, including prescription painkillers like oxycodone and illegal drugs like heroin, have become a serious public health crisis. Vivitrol treatment can help with opioid addiction recovery.

Washburn House’s substance abuse treatment programs in Worcester, Massachusetts, understand the complex battles that those with opioid addictions face. One of our specialized services includes Vivitrol treatment programs, an innovative solution in the fight against substance misuse. Call us at 855.298.3104 today to learn how we can help you heal.

What Is Vivitrol?

Vivitrol, a brand name for the drug Naltrexone, is a medication used to prevent relapse in people who have become dependent on opioid medicine and then stopped using it. It blocks the effects of opioid medication, including pain relief or feelings of well-being that can lead to opioid abuse.

Unlike some other medications used to treat opioid addiction, Vivitrol does not contain any opioids itself, making it non-addictive and less likely to be abused.

What Is Vivitrol Treatment?

Vivitrol treatment involves the administration of this medication as a part of a comprehensive substance abuse treatment program. The medication is typically administered once a month by a healthcare provider through a shot in the muscle.

It is important to note that Vivitrol is not a cure for addiction. Instead, it serves as a powerful tool within a broader therapeutic framework, including counseling and social support systems. It is most effective when used as part of a comprehensive recovery plan that addresses both the physical and psychological aspects of addiction.

How Vivitrol Treatment Programs Heal Addiction

Vivitrol treatment programs at Washburn House take a holistic approach to healing addiction. Besides the monthly Vivitrol shot, our programs also involve:

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  • ol]:!pt-0 [&>ol]:!pb-0 [&>ul]:!pt-0 [&>ul]:!pb-0″ value=”4″>Other evidence-based practices to treat substance abuse

The goal of our Vivitrol treatment programs is to help patients overcome their cravings for opioids, allowing them to focus on the other aspects of their recovery. By reducing these cravings, Vivitrol allows individuals to engage more fully in their therapy sessions, helping them build the skills they need to maintain long-term sobriety.

Benefits of Vivitrol

Vivitrol offers several benefits as part of a comprehensive addiction treatment program. It can:

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  • ol]:!pt-0 [&>ol]:!pb-0 [&>ul]:!pt-0 [&>ul]:!pb-0″ value=”4″>Be used alongside other addiction treatments and therapies for a more comprehensive approach to recovery
  • While Vivitrol has been proven effective, it is not a miracle cure and should always be used in combination with other forms of treatment and support. It is also important to note that Vivitrol may not work for everyone, as addiction recovery is a highly individualized process.

    Side Effects of Vivitrol Treatment

    Like all medications, Vivitrol can have side effects. These may include:

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    However, these side effects are typically mild and temporary. At Washburn House, we carefully monitor all our patients undergoing Vivitrol treatment to ensure their safety and well-being.

    Call Washburn House Today to Start Treatment

    If you or a loved one is struggling with opioid addiction, do not hesitate to reach out to Washburn House. Our team of dedicated professionals is ready to help guide you on your journey to recovery. We offer a variety of substance abuse treatment programs, including our specialized Vivitrol treatment program.

    Contact us today online or call 855.298.3104 to learn more about our Vivitrol treatment program and how we can support you on your path to recovery.

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