How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your System?

Marijuana is now legal in many parts of the United States, but many jobs still prohibit its use, mainly due to safety concerns and the potential impact on job performance. How long does marijuana stay in your system? Despite the legality of the drug in many areas, it is still possible to engage in marijuana […]

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Man sits at his computer, wondering if he has cannabis-induced psychosis

What Is Cannabis-Induced Psychosis?

Cannabis products are now more widely used as they have been legalized in some states and proven to address the symptoms of many health conditions, such as chronic pain and anxiety. While the drug can be beneficial for some, it can lead to undesirable side effects for others, including cannabis-induced psychosis.  If you notice concerning

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Person sitting on couch and wondering what greening out is

What Is Greening Out?

At Washburn House in Worcester, MA, we understand the journey to recovery is unique for everyone. Our compassionate and dedicated team is committed to guiding individuals through their healing process with our comprehensive addiction treatment programs. Contact us online or call 855.298.3104 today to discuss an often misunderstood phenomenon related to marijuana use: greening out.

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man on blue couch discusses detox from marijuana

Is it Possible to Detox from Marijuana?

There’s a persistent myth that there is no such thing as marijuana addiction. Marijuana is seen as relatively harmless compared to other drugs, so detoxing from it is often overlooked. But in reality, detoxing from marijuana can be difficult and can have its own unique set of challenges. Breaking free from marijuana addiction can have

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Facing the Realities of Weed Use

Is It Time To Stop? Facing the Realities of Weed Use

As marijuana legalization efforts move forward throughout the country, weed use has increased considerably in certain circles. Cannabis is often thought of as being less harmful than other drugs abused and even alcohol. While cannabis use may not be associated with overdose or some of the physical harm that comes with the use of “hard

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