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a man is able to break his opioid addiction and enter recovery with help from an addiction treatment center

Opioid Overdose and Recovery

While addiction to opioids and the threat of overdose are a challenge to combat, opioid recovery is not impossible. Here in Worcester county, there are many resources available for those who struggle with opioid use. Learn more about the opioid crisis in the United States and how you can find help here in Massachusetts by …

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a man is eager to begin the recovery process after deciding to quit drinking and going through the detox process

I Quit Drinking, Now What?

You’ve decided to quit drinking. Reading this now, you may have had your last drink, or you may still be in the process of building your resolve. At this point, you may be wondering what’s next. What can you expect from the withdrawal process—from your last drink to your next steps?Washburn House offers effective addiction …

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a man wonders if he's addicted to weed

Can I Be Physically Addicted to Weed?

Many people who smoke say you can’t become physically addicted to weed. However, research says 30% of people who use it develop an addiction. While not everyone who uses it gets addicted, that doesn’t mean it can’t be a problem.The number of people addicted to weed is on the rise. In 2002, about 7% of …

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a man needs to know what does meth do to your body

What Does Meth Do To Your Body?

Meth is an illegal drug that can give you a false sense of energy. Also known as “speed” or “crank,” crystal meth is an incredibly addictive stimulant that impacts your nervous system. The high you get from meth can be very strong and pleasurable, but it’s also very dangerous. Meth can cause long-term damage to your …

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two people embrace in non-12 step alcohol rehab

What is Non-12-Step Alcohol Rehab and How Can It Help?

Alcohol Treatment Programs: Different Paths to the Same GoalNearly everyone in recovery is familiar with the 12-step program concept. Alcoholics Anonymous was the first such program, beginning in 1935. Since then, many other alcohol treatment programs have followed in its footsteps.While 12-step fellowships have helped millions of people recover, they are not the right fit …

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a woman is dating a recovering alcoholic

What to Expect When Dating a Recovering Alcoholic

Regardless of who you are, relationships are full of difficulties—dating a recovering alcoholic comes with its own set of trials and tribulations. Although we have objections to reducing someone’s relationship success based on this singular fact about them, their recovery journey is a significant factor nonetheless. Loving someone in recovery can require extra understanding and empathy, …

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friends enjoying the sober life

Finding the Meaning to The Sober Life

Through today’s blog, discover what sober life means to you and what things in life hold significant meaning. Doing so can give you the purpose and renewed passion you need to succeed and maintain long-term healing from substance use disorders. For many people, life can be challenging enough as it is. However, individuals who live with …

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Man living his recovery truth

5 Tips to Living Your Recovery Truth

Seeking treatment is an excellent—and in some cases, life-saving—idea for individuals struggling with drug or alcohol dependency or addiction. Contacting professionals for admission into a treatment program means you’ve recognized that the life you’re living was tainted by substance use, and you are newly committed to yourself and improving your health. As you prepare for …

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Man with liquor and alcohol tolerance

The Truth About Alcohol Tolerance

Drinking is nearly everywhere in our culture today. People drink on all occasions, alone and with others. Some people choose to do so simply because their friends are drinking. Others may drink in hopes of relaxing, removing any inhibitions and boosting their confidence. To some individuals, the key to achieving such a carefree feeling is …

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Man in nature thinking on expectations in addiction recovery

Unrealistic Expectations In Addiction Recovery

The “Expectation vs. Reality” memes circulating social media. These show side-by-side comparisons that illustrate discrepancies in how we think things should go versus how they actually turn out. It usually elicits a few chuckles from those scrolling by. This is also a good image of what it’s like when one’s expectations in addiction recovery do …

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