people decorating cookies discuss hosting a sober holiday celebration

3 Tips for Hosting a Sober Holiday Celebration

The holidays can be a time of joy, togetherness, and celebration. Unfortunately, they can also be a time of stress, loneliness, and, for those in recovery from addiction, temptation. Hosting a sober holiday celebration can be a great way to get together with loved ones and enjoy the season without the presence of alcohol and …

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a woman adds a yoga therapy program to her addiction treatment plan in rehab

3 Benefits of Yoga for Healing Addiction

The benefits of yoga for general health are well-known. Derived from Hindu spiritual practices, people all over the world practice yoga for its capacity to improve both physical and mental health. Combining specific postures with practices in meditation, breathing, and relaxation, yoga can be a powerful supplement to other addiction treatment modalities. If you or a …

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a man is able to break his opioid addiction and enter recovery with help from an addiction treatment center

Opioid Overdose and Recovery

While addiction to opioids and the threat of overdose are a challenge to combat, opioid recovery is not impossible. Here in Worcester county, there are many resources available for those who struggle with opioid use. Learn more about the opioid crisis in the United States and how you can find help here in Massachusetts by …

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man with head on hands considers the most addictive drugs

7 Most Addictive Drugs

While all drugs have the potential for abuse, some are naturally more addictive than others. Highly addictive drugs share several similarities. They all affect the brain, lead to unpleasant withdrawal symptoms and require professional addiction treatment. A drug rehab center can help someone with addiction break the cycle of abuse and build a foundation for …

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person holding hand of a partner while dating an addict

Dating Someone Who Is Struggling with Addiction

Dating an addict can be complicated. You want to support your loved one, but you also want to protect yourself. Remember that you may not always be the top priority to your partner if he or she is currently battling a substance use disorder. Finding ways to cope with this and setting boundaries is crucial. …

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relationship with an alcoholic

How To End A Relationship With An Alcoholic

Approximately 15 million Americans are diagnosed with AUD, or alcohol use disorder. Percentage-wise, that’s about 5% of the population, and that’s just diagnosed instances. By sex, about 10% of adult males and 4% of adult females are diagnosed with AUD.An area almost unrepresentable by statistics, however, is the number of people that alcoholism affects. Parents, …

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signs of alcohol intoxication

3 Signs Of Alcohol Intoxication

Alcohol intoxication, or alcohol poisoning, results from reaching a BAC (blood alcohol content) above .25%. People will show different tolerance levels based on weight or drinking history, but between .25% and .3% is when proper “alcohol poisoning” begins to occur. Remember that these figures are not rigid, and respective symptoms can occur within a few …

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a group of people enjoy a sober party

7 Tips for Throwing a Totally Sober, Super Fun Party

For most people, partying sounds like sweet relief from the stress of daily life. But if you’re in addiction recovery, parties can feel like trouble. Even if you abstain from drugs and alcohol, just being around people using them can trigger a relapse, especially in the early stages of recovery. You might find yourself completely …

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a woman asks a friend how to overcome cocaine addiction and wonders about finding cocaine addiction help when she is experiencing symptoms of cocaine addiction

How to Overcome Cocaine Addiction

Millions of people in the United States struggle with an addiction to cocaine, a potent stimulant drug with a high potential for abuse. Long-term use can lead to dependence or addiction, in addition to physical and psychological side effects. Getting professional cocaine addiction help is necessary to protect your health from the dangers of cocaine …

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