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Finding a Trusted Alcohol Rehab in Worcester, Massachusetts

Alcohol addiction, or alcohol use disorder (AUD), continues to be a problem in Worcester and throughout Massachusetts. Daily stressors from work, family obligations, and financial worries can be tough to deal with on your own. Without the help of therapy, medication, or both, you may be more tempted to self-medicate with alcohol. Although drinking can make you feel better, the effects are temporary and can lead to addiction and other health problems down the road.

If you have been turning to alcohol for comfort, it may be time to consider finding a trusted alcohol rehab. At Promises Washburn House, we understand how overwhelming the challenges of life can be. Our alcohol rehab in Worcester can help you learn how to manage stress and overcome alcohol addiction so you can live a more satisfying life. Contact us at 855.298.3104 or fill out our online form to learn more about our alcohol addiction treatment programs.

Why a Trusted Alcohol Rehab Is Needed in Worcester

Although alcohol has declined as the primary substance of use among people admitted for treatment in Worcester, MA, alcohol misuse remains a considerable problem among residents.

In 2008, there were 4,614 total admissions into treatment programs for substance use disorders in Worcester, and 33.9% of those reported alcohol as their primary substance of use. Total admissions increased to 5,326 in 2017, but alcohol dropped to 21.3% as the primary substance of use.1

This decrease may look promising; however, it is also important to consider the data on the past year’s substance use. That same year, 45% of people reported having used alcohol in the prior year. So although alcohol was not their primary substance, it continued to be used by nearly half of all people admitted to treatment in Worcester.

How to Find a Reputable Alcohol Addiction Rehab in Worcester

Recovering from alcohol addiction can be a challenge, but when you enroll in a trusted alcohol rehab, your experience will be much more successful. If this is your first time seeking professional treatment, you may not know where to begin your search. Many people start with an internet search such as “alcohol addiction rehab in Worcester,” but this usually brings up a long list of nearby treatment centers that can easily overwhelm them.

Here are a few helpful tips for narrowing down your search results so you can find the best treatment center for your recovery:

Search for Specialized Addiction Treatment

You can make your search results more specific to your needs when you search for specialized addiction treatment. Some examples are:

  • Facilities that accept Medicaid or Medicare for payment
  • Facilities offering medical detox
  • Facilities that offer specific levels of care such as intensive outpatient or partial hospitalization
  • Facilities that provide dual diagnosis treatment for addiction and mental health disorders

Adding one or more of the above criteria to your search can help you pinpoint which treatment centers are best suited to your recovery needs.

Research the Facility

When you pull up a long list of treatment facilities on Google, you can narrow down your choices by:

  • Checking out the facility’s website
  • Looking into the facility’s accreditations
  • Reading online reviews of the facility
  • Asking for feedback from people who have attended treatment at the facility

Understanding the qualifications of the staff at a treatment facility and hearing the experiences of former clients can give you a good idea of whether the facility may be a good fit for you.

Promises Washburn House: Your Trusted Alcohol Rehab Center in Worcester

If you need help with alcohol addiction in Massachusetts, look no further than Promises Washburn House. Our alcohol rehab center in Worcester can provide you with the caring support you need to get through alcohol withdrawal and move on to a happier, sober life. We are located at 1183 Main Street, next to Christ Tabernacle Apostolic Church. Call us today at 855.298.3104 to start a new chapter in your life.


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