two people embrace in non-12 step alcohol rehab

What is Non-12-Step Alcohol Rehab and How Can It Help?

Alcohol Treatment Programs: Different Paths to the Same Goal Nearly everyone in recovery is familiar with the 12-step program concept. Alcoholics Anonymous was the first such program, beginning in 1935. Since then, many other alcohol treatment programs have followed in its footsteps. While 12-step fellowships have helped millions of people recover, they are not the …

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a woman is dating a recovering alcoholic

What to Expect When Dating a Recovering Alcoholic

Regardless of who you are, relationships are full of difficulties—dating a recovering alcoholic comes with its own set of trials and tribulations. Although we have objections to reducing someone’s relationship success based on this singular fact about them, their recovery journey is a significant factor nonetheless.  Loving someone in recovery can require extra understanding and …

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Man with liquor and alcohol tolerance

The Truth About Alcohol Tolerance

Drinking is nearly everywhere in our culture today. People drink on all occasions, alone and with others. Some people choose to do so simply because their friends are drinking. Others may drink in hopes of relaxing, removing any inhibitions and boosting their confidence. To some individuals, the key to achieving such a carefree feeling is …

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Woman with high alcohol tolerance and needing alcohol treatment near boston ma

The Truth About Alcohol Tolerance

When you drink for an extended period of time, you can start to develop an alcohol tolerance. While some may believe this to be a source of pride, the truth about alcohol tolerance is that despite your body’s attempts to ward itself from the adverse effects of drinking, it remains ill-prepared nonetheless. We understand tolerance …

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Older man drinking excessive alcohol suffering from stages of liver disease

What Are The Stages of Liver Disease?

Liver disease is a common side effect of chronic drug use. Alcohol, heroin and performance-enhancing drugs are some of the most common substances that lead to liver disease, and eventually, liver failure.  But what are the stages of liver disease, and can they be reversed?   Stage 1: Inflammation When your liver floods with toxins …

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A group of young adults talking about adderall and alcohol

Adderall, Alcohol and (almost) Adulthood

For an individual struggling with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or bipolar disorder, Adderall is a common prescription. It can be an effective solution for alleviating and managing the symptoms related to such conditions. However, people—especially college-age individuals and those on the verge of adulthood—should keep in mind that using Adderall for nonmedical reasons and …

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a woman quit drinking and is happy

I Quit Drinking, Now What?

You’ve decided to quit drinking. Reading this now, you may have had your last drink, or you may still be in the process of building your resolve. At this point, you are wondering, “What’s next?” What can you expect from the withdrawal process—from your last drink to your next steps? What Does Alcohol Withdrawal Look …

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The Top 5 Foods That Stop Alcohol Cravings

The Top 5 Foods That Can Stop Alcohol Cravings

How can you stop alcohol cravings? When you’re trying to stay sober, your alcohol cravings can sometimes take over and make you feel like you have to take a drink. Some people have tried everything to stop drinking. But look no further than your diet to help stop alcohol cravings.    Overall, switching to a …

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woman laying in bed on phone seeing the relationship of drinking and social media

Drinking and Social Media

The current events in the U.S. and around the world are a clear indication of social media’s impact on society and culture. More specifically, it is easy to observe how drinking and social media are invariably linked. Each day, the newsfeeds of social media platforms are flooded with all types of references to alcohol even …

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