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5 Tips to Living Your Recovery Truth

Seeking treatment is an excellent—and in some cases, life-saving—idea for individuals struggling with drug or alcohol dependency or addiction. Contacting professionals for admission into a treatment program means you’ve recognized that the life you’re living was tainted by substance use, and you are newly committed to yourself and improving your health. As you prepare for inpatient addiction recovery, understand that your success can depend on how you approach it and live your truth. 

Living your truth in recovery can mean being honest, realistic and willing to change. At Washburn House, compassionate, experienced addiction specialists help you navigate treatment and guide you to success as you follow the five tips listed below.

 1. Aim to Go All-in During Recovery.

You can find your recovery truth by putting the most into the process. Being all-in may mean being honest about your substance use, confronting behaviors and thoughts that seem ingrained and making necessary changes as suggested and guided by your mental health professional. 

2. Don’t Let Your Ego Stand in The Way.

Unfortunately, some people may leave treatment prematurely because they don’t have good relationships with therapists or others in the program. Don’t let any disdain for following directions or cooperating keep you from getting the treatment and care you deserve. Inpatient treatment isn’t a place for you to impose your attitude, feelings and desires on others. Instead, it is a safe space for you to get structure and learn practices that can help you long-term.

3. Be Mindful That Recovery is Full of Ups and Downs.

Participating in inpatient treatment requires goal-setting and patience—not perfection—to achieve progress. Recovery truth is a journey filled with opportunities to be vulnerable and honest, learn from mistakes and improve. Pace yourself appropriately as you implement behavior changes. Any backward steps you take aren’t failures. Rather they are experiences that can help you readjust your expectations and bounce back in ways that make relapse less likely and sustained sobriety more attainable.

4. Stay Focused on You.

Leaving home and your loved ones can be uncomfortable because you may want those closest to you around when you feel vulnerable. If you’re more concerned with your separation from loved ones or thinking about other people’s opinions of you more than your substance use and your attempts to become sober, you’re making treatment more about them than about you. Stay focused on self-improvement and utilize coping mechanisms that allow you to enjoy healthier relationships all around.

 5. Make Connections That Can Benefit Your Recovery

While addiction treatment is all about you, it could benefit you to participate in group therapy sessions with individuals dealing with situations similar to yours. Be as open as you can, comfortably, and share your experiences while listening to those of others. You can respect the interpersonal boundaries set in your treatment program while connecting with and learning from others.

The best way to live your truth is to remember your recovery journey is unique. You don’t need to heal or live according to anyone else’s timeline. Still, it benefits you to be open to the process. 

Find Your Recovery Truth at Washburn House

At Washburn House, expert clinicians and therapists understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to treatment and recovery. Clients at this center can receive care and treatment through various evidence-based, individualized programs, such as:

Calling 844.529.4147 connects you to Washburn House, a safe space where admissions and intake counselors gather everything they need to understand your situation better. Our team of mental health professionals works to determine the type of treatment that best suits your needs.

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