a person sits on a bed and looks out a window thinking about myths about depression

Debunking Common Myths About Depression

Depression is a complex condition that touches the lives of many, yet misunderstandings and myths about depression persist, casting shadows of stigma and isolation on those living with it. Shining a light on these misconceptions is crucial, offering clarity and support instead of confusion. Many of those living with depression experience stigma and myths about […]

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Man rests head on hands as he struggles with depression and addiction

Why Do People with Depression Often Abuse Drugs?

If you struggle with depression, it is not unusual to feel the need to self-medicate. For some people, using drugs or alcohol is the only way to alleviate the emotional pain of depression symptoms. Unfortunately, substance abuse can worsen your mental health, so it is essential to understand how to address depression and drug abuse

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woman staring out window showing Signs of Depression

Signs of Depression

The signs of depression vary from person to person. The symptoms one client may have of this common mental health disorder can be drastically different from the next. While popular culture shows depression as someone experiencing high levels of sadness, there are many other emotions and behaviors that indicate someone is dealing with depression. In

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a young man stares out the window at an empty park as he considers depression treatment during covid-19

Depression Treatment During COVID-19

The continuing coverage of COVID-19 on nearly every television station is stress-inducing. For those vulnerable to depression or similar mental health conditions, it can even feel overwhelming. This stress, coupled with the sudden isolation caused by quarantine, may lead to a mental health crisis. Consequently, if you’re struggling with sadness, anxiety, or fear during this

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