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Signs of Depression

The signs of depression vary from person to person. The symptoms one client may have of this common mental health disorder can be drastically different from the next. While popular culture shows depression as someone experiencing high levels of sadness, there are many other emotions and behaviors that indicate someone is dealing with depression. In some cases, a depressed person doesn’t feel sad at all.

Feelings of depression may lead someone to abuse drugs or alcohol. If this cycle of self-medication is present, the best help can be found at the dual diagnosis treatment center in MA.

Common Signs of Depression

These signs of depression are the ones that come up frequently during the diagnostic process. They may be much easier to spot in yourself or a loved one.


Sadness might be the primary emotion attributed to depression, but apathy is often the one most frequently felt. You may be unable to keep your interest in anything, whether it’s something fun or something important.

Apathy has a significant impact on your quality of life, and it’s hard to shake that feeling when you’re depressed. Watch out for disinterest in normal activities like sports, video games, or fitness routines. Regular hobbies may fall to the wayside.

Appetite Changes

You might find yourself grabbing all the snacks or forgetting to eat most of the day. Both ends of the spectrum are concerning when it comes to your appetite.

Concentration Issues

Are deadlines passing you by constantly? Are you reading the same sentence three times in a row before you comprehend it? Inattentiveness is another way that the signs of depression can create a problem in your life.

Concentration issues, apathy, and a lack of motivation feed the depression further.


When you’re not just a “glass half empty” kind of person, but a “glass is in pieces” one, you might have a pessimistic outlook exacerbated by depression. Pessimism also turns inward and eats away at self-worth.

Problems Sleeping

Much like appetite changes, your sleep routine can end up at either extreme. Many people suffering from depression either sleep far longer than they intend or stay up for much longer than they want to due to insomnia.

Suicidal Thoughts

Extreme depression can lead to suicidal ideation and suicide attempts. This is a life-threatening situation, so getting the right type of help quickly is vital. If you experience suicidal thoughts, contact Washburn House to speak with a professional or reach out through a suicide prevention service for immediate help.

Less Known Signs of Depression

If you believe you’re depressed but the signs don’t match up to any in the previous section, you might have some of the less commonly known ones.

Digestive Issues

Your digestive system could exhibit a number of symptoms due to depression, such as cramps that linger on for a long time.

Body Aches

Sometimes your entire body hurts, or it could be localized in certain areas. These aches occur during depressive episodes and may not be related to other medical issues.

Substance Abuse

Depression can lead people to try to self-medicate their mental illness through substances like drugs and alcohol. They may find it difficult to moderate their intake.

Addressing Depression Signs of Depression in MA

Severe depression may require an intensive treatment program before you start to get relief. These types of programs come in several forms to accommodate the unique needs of every client. They include:

Reach out to the licensed professionals at Washburn House to discuss your options for depression treatment. Call 855.298.3104 today to learn more about our programs and the signs of depression you should look out for. Recovery is possible in a safe and supportive environment.

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