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A substance use disorder that involves alcohol may not seem as destructive as one that involves illicit drugs, but that’s not true at all. In fact, alcoholism may actually sneak up on you more silently, giving a false sense that everything is okay when it’s not. Just like prescription drugs, alcohol often seems less dangerous because it’s legal. Everyone drinks alcohol, right? Everyone gets prescriptions from their physicians. How bad can it be? But it’s reasoning such as this that can perpetuate a substance use disorder. If you’re in need of a men’s alcohol rehab center, Washburn House offers an alcohol addiction treatment center in Worcester, Massachusetts that may be the solution.

What’s So Bad About Alcohol?

men work in group therapy at mens alcohol rehab centerWhen ingested responsibly, alcohol poses minimal risk. Unfortunately, the very nature of alcohol makes it highly habit-forming for some people. These are the clients who try alcohol and become dependent upon it from that very first taste. This is especially true for those who were very young when they had their first sip. Risk factors such as coming from an abusive home, or coming from a home where both parents drank daily may make you more susceptible to a substance use disorder that involves alcohol. As a result, you may be more likely to experience the negative symptoms associated with this condition. These include:

  • Overwhelming cravings
  • Out-of-control drinking
  • Blackouts or lost time
  • Constantly thinking about taking a drink
  • Risky drinking, such as when driving
  • Having withdrawal symptoms when you abstain

If you’re currently suffering symptoms like these in your daily life, odds are good that you’ve developed a substance use disorder. Reach out to a men’s alcohol rehab center, such as Washburn House, for help today.

Why Can’t I Stop Drinking on My Own?

Very few people can heal from alcoholism without professional medical intervention. This is because the withdrawal symptoms associated with alcohol are so severe. In fact, it’s possible to die from alcohol withdrawal if you’ve been addicted for a long enough time or if you use large amounts in a day. Not surprisingly, this is where alcohol rehab for men becomes a good idea. Common symptoms of alcohol withdrawal include shaking, sweating, tremors, hallucinations, vomiting, nausea and more. As a result, a medical alcohol detox program and supervision from a medical professional can keep you safe during detox.

If you’re ready to detox and heal from an addiction to alcohol, Washburn House is ready to help guide you into recovery at our men’s alcohol rehab center.

The Men’s Alcohol Rehab Center at Washburn House

Washburn House offers a full continuum of treatment for drug and alcohol addiction at our men’s alcohol rehab center in Worcester, MA, including medically assisted detox. Detox is just the beginning of treatment, however. No one is ready to return to their daily routine after detox. Ongoing addiction counseling and therapy helps you build long-term recovery skills. Other treatment programs available at Washburn House include:

Alcohol rehab for men can change the course of your life if you’re battling alcoholism. Through dedication to a 12-step program of healing, peer group support, and a range of therapies that address all areas of your life, you’ll begin feeling better early on. Here, you’ll set positive goals and learn how to work toward them step-by-step. You’ll also learn how to re-structure your day so you remain active and engaged throughout. Additionally, you’ll meet others who will impact your positively with their individual accomplishments and devotion to healing. Most of all, you’ll find compassion and a judgment-free, safe environment for healing. Call Washburn House at 855.298.3104 to reclaim your life today.

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