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What Is Life After Addiction Rehab Like?

Addiction such as alcohol and drug addiction is traumatic to you, your family, and your friends. No one desires to see a loved one addicted to either of these substances. While rehabilitation is the best choice that you can make, recovery is a lifelong challenge that requires determination and devotion to remain clean and free from addiction. Find an addiction treatment center in Worcester, Massachusetts that can prepare you with the coping skills and strategies you will need for lasting recovery.

Embracing a New Life After Addiction Rehab

When you have completed your rehabilitation program, your case managers and therapists will begin helping you plan discharge and life after addiction rehab. Remember that no one leaves the security of the rehabilitation center without having some reservations about what life will hold outside of rehab.

You went through a horrible time before rehab. While you were in the rehabilitation center you were supported by a skilled staff, and loving friends and family. Nothing is going to change after rehab. The support and love you had are still there for you anytime you need it. Setting up a relapse prevention plan or rehab aftercare program can help keep you involved in your recovery with structured support.

Saying “Goodbye” is Not Easy

Sometimes you must say goodbye to old friends and enablers who did you no favors while you were addicted. These people are not going to change. You cannot take the chance of these non-supportive individuals encouraging your old lifestyle back. You must remember that your decisions going forward must be positive decisions and proactive for you. Many rehab centers can connect you with resources for job-searching and vocational support. Additionally, you can continue your education, no matter where you may have left off. These steps will open up new opportunities for you, and help you establish a productive daily routine.

Once you get out of rehab and return to a normal life without the addiction, you must decide if there was any part of your work, your pastimes, your friends, or your family that fueled your substance abuse. Ask yourself if some of these things contributed to your addiction and make every attempt to avoid these triggers. Continuing an addiction therapy program can help to identify these triggers and build the coping skills you will need to maintain your sobriety healthily.

It is vital to know what triggers your addiction and be aware of these and the challenges that can occur. Old lifestyles can bring about the old stresses that helped get you addicted. Developing new relationships, and creating healthy boundaries in your existing relationships, will help you create a more successful recovery. You may be saddened to leave your old life. However, if your past life does not offer a positive environment, then you must let go to do what is best for you.

Healing Mind and Body

Addiction consumes a lot of your time. A substance abuse treatment center can help you find new, healthy outlets that will help you further your recovery. Yoga therapy programs and other recreational therapy activities provide these opportunities. You can find a connection with your body healthily, and use exercise to release stress and boost your mood.

During addiction treatment, you may encounter therapies that expose you to the practice of mindfulness. These will help you stay centered on the present moment and process life events that are positive and negative. Using the tools you learned during your therapy sessions will help you focus on long term recovery.

Remember that relapse is not a failure. If you need further assistance, contacting an extended care addiction treatment program can provide even more structured support for your recovery. Sober living homes offer another resource with an environment focused on sobriety. With all of these resources available to you, you have the opportunity to build a new life after addiction,

An Exciting New Life After Addiction Rehab

The weeks and months that follow your rehabilitation stay may be challenging and stressful. However, you are building a new addiction-free life, so make sure your choices and decisions are only positive ones that help you remain addiction-free. Begin your recovery today by contacting Washburn House in Worcester, Massachusetts. Call 855.298.3104 today.

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