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The Dangers of Detoxing from Heroin Alone

Overdose deaths from heroin are soaring, partly because people who become addicted to this powerful opioid drug do not know how to detox safely. Heroin addiction can be incredibly difficult to overcome, especially if you try detoxing alone. The good news is that detoxing from heroin can be done safely and more comfortably when you enroll in treatment at a heroin detox center.

Detoxing at home can be dangerous, but with the support of Promises Washburn House, you can overcome heroin addiction for good. We will help minimize withdrawal symptoms with the appropriate medication and help you through challenging emotions and cravings with endless support and a combination of holistic and behavioral therapies. Call us today at 855.298.3104 to learn more about our heroin detox center.

The Dangers of Heroin Detox at Home

There are two main components to heroin detox: physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. When someone stops using heroin, there will likely be physical signs of withdrawal within six to 12 hours after their last dose. Psychological symptoms can begin as soon as 48 hours after the last use.

Some common heroin withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Chills
  • Diarrhea and stomach cramps
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Muscle aches and pains
  • Runny nose
  • Sweating

For many people, detoxing from heroin feels like a severe case of the flu. It can be quite uncomfortable but also dangerous. Chronic diarrhea, vomiting, and sweating can cause dehydration, and without professional treatment, it can become fatal. By detoxing alone, you put yourself in danger of this severe dehydration requiring emergency medical care.

The detox period presents the highest risk of relapse for people addicted to heroin. The risk of relapsing increases due to withdrawal discomfort and intense cravings. It can also be hazardous due to decreased tolerance. Abstaining from heroin can lower your tolerance, and if you relapse and take the same dose you are used to, you can unintentionally overdose. 

How to Protect Yourself from the Dangers of Heroin Detox

Detoxing from heroin is a painful process. It can be extremely uncomfortable, but it does not have to be that way. If you are ready to stop using heroin, there are ways you can help yourself through this difficult time without detoxing alone. 

A medical heroin detox is the process of safely and comfortably withdrawing from heroin. Here are the main components of medical detox:

  • It is usually done under the supervision of medical professionals using medications to help manage withdrawal symptoms.
  • You may receive a prescription for an opiate substitute to decrease your craving for heroin.
  • You will begin therapy to unravel the underlying contributors to heroin addiction.

The physical and psychological effects of quitting heroin can be dangerous and even life-threatening without professional supervision. While detoxing from heroin at home can be successful for some people, the risk for relapse and overdose is high without proper intervention.

After you complete heroin detox at a treatment center, you should move on to a lengthier treatment program to help sustain your sobriety. You can choose from inpatient or outpatient treatment lasting 30 to 90 days. Long-term treatment allows you to continue working through the underlying contributors to addiction and learn how to manage triggers. 

Get Help Detoxing from Heroin Safely at Promises Washburn House

Detoxing at home is not advisable. The risks of detoxing alone are high, and withdrawal can be hard on your body, especially if you are not prepared for it. The best way to overcome heroin addiction is by getting help from Promises Washburn House. Our caring team of professionals understands what you are going through and will help you safely get through each step of heroin withdrawal. Contact us today at 855.298.3104 to schedule an assessment and get started on your road to recovery.

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