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Washburn House’s 5 Favorite Quotes on Overcoming Addiction

 Overcoming addiction is no easy feat, nor is it a one-and-done situation. Even progress that leads to long-term abstinence is still part of the recovery journey. Along the way, you will build new habits and increase your ability to make healthier decisions, all while moving toward healing. 

Because there is no finish line in recovery, motivation can wane. To keep your head in the game and eye on the prize of sobriety, filling yourself up with inspirational quotes about recovery can help get you through the tough times.


“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily.”

―Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar’s quote perfectly describes the need for continuous reminders throughout life and in the recovery journey. It also demonstrates the need to accept that internal motivation isn’t always there, not even for things you know would improve your life. Cultivating practices and beliefs that motivate you to stay on the path of recovery is essential to make it through the roughest times in the pursuit of overcoming addiction.


“I realized that I only had two choices: I was either going to die, or I was going to live, and which one did I want to do? And then I said those words, ‘I’ll get help,’ or, ‘I need help. I’ll get help.’ And my life turned around. Ridiculous for a human being to take 16 years to say, ‘I need help.’”

―Sir Elton John

Sir Elton John said it most humbly when he spoke of the resistance we feel towards asking for help. His quote reminds those in recovery that they already took the most significant step towards overcoming addiction and asked for help. This quote also reminds us that, when in recovery, we don’t need to put ourselves through the same agony. We can find help now. 


“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” 

―Carl Bard

Carl Bard puts things into perspective with this quote. While a person in recovery may have a hard time accepting all the “bad things” they have done while in active addiction, it is crucial to recognize the fresh opportunity right in front of them. Using the past—even the negative—to learn, grow and heal into a brand new sober you is a second chance at life.


“Sometimes we motivate ourselves by thinking of what we want to become. Sometimes we motivate ourselves by thinking about who we don’t ever want to be again.”

Shane Niemeyer

Shane Niemeyer’s quote is a breath of fresh air for someone who struggles with self-image, both past and current. It reminds us of the person we don’t want to be. Using this desire to move away from the past and funneling it directly into who you are becoming is a powerful and effective motivator. We have to humble ourselves by all of it to learn from it.


The only way to get over the pain is to face it, embrace it, hug it and learn the lessons embedded within it.

―Adele Theron

Adele Theron says it plainly with this quote about healing and moving forward. She reminds us that any process of growth and recovery comes from a place of healing. By facing what lies inside and working through it, we have the opportunity to learn and grow in a positive direction.


If you or your loved one is excited by the possibility of overcoming addiction, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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