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man works with therapist at mens addiction treatment centerDid you know addiction affects men differently than it does women? Men tend to become dependent upon a drug at a lower dosage. They’re also more likely to participate in risky behavior due to peer pressure. Drug use in men escalates more slowly than it does in women, but men tend to suffer more severe side effects during withdrawal.

When it comes to substance use disorder, men and women are not created equally. Instead, each has individual needs that must be met for recovery to take place. For these reasons, separating drug and alcohol treatment into a women’s facility and a men’s addiction treatment center may help both sexes recover more quickly.

If you’re searching for help to beat a substance use disorder, whether male or female, Washburn House is a high-quality extended care addiction treatment center in Worcester, MA with facilities to treat each individual.

Why Choose a Men’s Addiction Treatment Center?

For men, regardless of what type of substance use disorder you’re battling, a men’s addiction treatment center can walk you through your recovery. Treatment begins with an initial assessment and progresses through detox, residential or outpatient treatment, and aftercare. The assistance you receive during every stage of treatment can change your life.

When you choose a men’s addiction treatment center for your recovery journey, you’ll receive treatment that’s more aligned with the challenges you’re currently facing. Men who’ve fallen victim to the chronic disease of addiction often face similar stressors, including:

  • Pressures of providing for a family
  • Pent-up feelings
  • Financial problems
  • Relationship issues
  • Parenting responsibilities

When you choose recovery over chaos, your life will change for the better. As a result, your relationships with friends and family will improve. Your career may finally be able to take off the way you pictured it. Financial difficulties will be easier to solve, and your life will feel like it’s more in control instead of careening wildly off the track. A men’s rehab program at a dedicated men’s addiction treatment center, like the one offered by Washburn House, is the quickest way to reclaim your power and change the course of your life for the better.

Find a men’s program for any of the following:

Addiction Treatment for Men at Washburn House

Washburn House, in Worcester, MA, is grounded in history. Built in 1896, our sprawling, colonial mansion offers a resort-type experience to those who recover here. The warm and inviting decor and furnishings make your stay comfortable and serene, as our friendly and professional staff work to steer you gently into recovery. The men’s addiction treatment center options we offer at Washburn House include evidence-based and proven addiction therapies such as:

Those who recover at Washburn House enjoy a level of care that exceeds most other drug and alcohol treatment centers in MA. History is embraced here. It’s recognized, accepted, and released. The things that pulled you down in the past no longer have the power to impact your future. There’s no judgment here. There’s no recrimination. There is only acceptance, encouragement, and a belief that you can make this day better than the day that came before. Getting better together is our goal, and we’ll show you — step by step — how to achieve it.

When you’re ready to pursue addiction treatment for men at Washburn House in Worcester, MA, we’re ready to help you take that first important step. Call us today at 855.298.3104, and a member of our friendly and caring staff will guide you gently through the process. Addiction may have colored your past, but it doesn’t have to impact your future. Contact Washburn House today to ensure a brighter tomorrow.

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