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Drug and alcohol addiction doesn’t discriminate according to sex. As a result, both men and women are equally susceptible to this chronic disease that derails your life and destroys your health. Studies have shown, however, that gender-separate facilities can be effective. Separate men’s and women’s rehab programs can be highly beneficial when it comes to recovery. If you’re struggling with substance use disorder of any kind, Washburn House provides treatment facilities for men as well as a women’s rehab center in Worcester, Massachusetts.

What Is a Gender-Separate Treatment Center?

women speak with therapist at womens rehab center programTreatment centers that treat men and women in separate programs are called gender-separate facilities. Accordingly, there are several benefits to offering specialized care that caters only to women or only to men. They include:

  • Focus on the challenges that usually affect only men or only women
  • Peer support from others who are going through the same difficulties
  • Relaxed, stress-free environments that promote sharing
  • Increased opportunity for openness and honesty

Co-ed recovery programs sometimes discourage open and honest sharing because clients feel pressure to keep up a brave facade or to fit into stereotypes determined by sex. These include men feeling a requirement to be strong and women feeling forced into a nurturing role. Alternatively, when Massachusetts drug and alcohol treatment centers are kept separate, clients are free to be who they are and to explore their true feelings, instead of those that society has assigned to them.

Rehab for Women in Worcester

If you’re a woman who’s struggling with substance use disorder in MA, Washburn House may be the solution. Our women’s’ rehab program focuses on problems and challenges typical to women. Correspondingly, these may encompass pregnancy, post-partum depression, pre-menstrual syndrome and more. While men and women face many of the same temptations and daily stressors, some are unique only to women. For this reason, rehab for women offers a safe place for discussion to happen without embarrassment or inhibition.

Washburn House in Worcester offers a full range of drug and alcohol treatment for women, from detox through aftercare. We’ll help you find the treatment approaches that fit your needs, including:

From your initial intake assessment, through detox, treatment and finding sober living facilities, Washburn House prepares you for your transition back to regular life. Our highly trained staff is experienced and compassionate, and our facilities comfortable and warm. You’ll find all the resources you need to heal, including addiction therapies and counseling, peer support, and classes that teach you the coping skills and recovery behaviors you’ll need to prevent relapse. As a result, when you choose the women’s rehab program at Washburn House, you’ll find all the tools you need to begin a successful recovery.

The Women’s Rehab Program at Washburn House

As a client of our women’s rehab program at Washburn House, you’ll benefit from expert care and a treatment schedule that works best for you. At Washburn House, we understand that you may have commitments that prevent you from entering into 24/7 residential care. If you have children to care for or a demanding career, we offer both partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient options designed to work around a flexible schedule. You won’t have to sacrifice your daily responsibilities to work on your recovery.

We also offer a holistic approach to care that treats you as a whole person and not just as a diagnosis. Here, we treat your physical addiction, your emotional state, and any accompanying mental health disorders that often go hand-in-hand with substance use disorder. We give you the opportunity to recover from addiction while re-inventing yourself and reclaiming the life you want. You’ll feel better. You’ll think more clearly, and you’ll learn to structure your days to meet the goals that benefit healthy life choices.

When you’re ready to talk recovery in our women’s rehab program, we’re ready to listen. Call us today at 855.298.3104 for answers. We believe in getting better together, today and every day. All that’s required is that you reach out and ask for help.

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