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Coping with Isolation During Coronavirus

Substance abuse is one of the most common health problems in the U.S. While a lot of people have started their journey to addiction recovery before the pandemic hit, the path to sobriety remains long. Coping with isolation during coronavirus is one of the biggest problems people face today. During these unprecedented times in which isolation and anxiety are always present, it is important to find things to distract you.

Ways to Cope with Isolation During Coronavirus

After years of spending your life with others, having time alone may come as a shock. Here are some ways of coping with isolation during the quarantine.

Remind Yourself of Your Goals

These are uncertain times, so you may be questioning if there’s even a point to continue your recovery. As you scroll through your social media feeds filled with memes and alarming news, you may think no one cares about your struggle with substance abuse. Aside from that, liquor stores and dispensaries are still open.

Instead of giving in to negative thoughts and temptations, remind yourself why you chose the path to recovery. List all the aspects of your life that you’ve saved, such as relationships and finances, and make it a visual reminder.

Actively Avoid Relapse Triggers

There are a lot of things that can trigger a relapse in times like these. Considering this, it’s crucial to learn ways of coping with isolation during coronavirus by concentrating on what you can do to improve your mental health. Some of the ways you can avoid relapse triggers include:

  • Limit social media exposure
  • Only get news from reliable sources
  • Trying new hobbies
  • Staying connected to your support system
  • Participate in online addiction therapy programs

Use Online Resources

Being online can be a curse, but it can also be a blessing. Technology has provided people with a lot of ways to stay connected. Engaging platforms are making it easy for people to interact with others, especially those in recovery. So use them as much as you can. Not only that, but there is also a wealth of resources you can explore. So take this time to look for new podcasts, apps, and videos to keep you busy.

Be Creative

Did you sing as part of a band in high school? Were you interested in photography? Have you ever wanted to try a delicious and decadent cookie recipe?

Coping with isolation during coronavirus can be easier thanks to creativity. Use this time to reconnect with old hobbies. Whatever your creative endeavors, they will keep your mind occupied and will ward off feelings of restlessness and boredom.

Stay in Therapy

Just because you are abiding by social distancing rules does not mean you have to socially isolate yourself from your friends. Participate in online forums, chats, and group therapy meetings to counteract any feeling of loneliness that can trigger a relapse. Coping with isolation can also be done by participating in online support groups and counseling.

Have a Routine

Even if your 9-to-5 job has shifted online, try to establish a routine. This way, your major activities won’t be disrupted. A routine will give you a sense of control and structure. If you don’t have work, split your day doing house projects, working out, cooking, or watching movies. When you keep an outline of what you need to do for the day or week, it’s easier to track your progress and check off goals.

You Can Get Through It

Coping with isolation during coronavirus is no easy feat. But despite the uncertainty you may feel, there is one thing you can control – your sobriety. If you are still in treatment, make this important process your priority. If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals at Washburn House at 855.298.3104.

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