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Enjoying Sober Holidays

If you are struggling with alcohol addiction, and you have decided you wish to stop drinking altogether, the thought of getting through the holidays is likely to be a concern. The time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s tends to be a time when alcohol consumption increases for many people. With celebrations in place, alcohol seems to be available throughout the holiday season. Sober holidays are attainable if you have a treatment plan in place. Additionally, try the following tips to enjoy the holiday season without alcohol.

Spend Time With Others Who Are Also Enjoying Sober Holidays

One way to stop yourself from drinking during the holiday season is to stay away from people who do enjoy this pastime. Engaging your time with people who have no interest in drinking helps to keep your mind off of it yourself. Even better, spend time with others struggling to quit drinking. Sober holidays are easier to get through when you have others striving for the same accomplishment as you do. You also have the advantage of having sources of accountability. When a group of this type gets together, motivation to avoid alcohol is in abundance, helping all involved to enjoy the sober holidays to the fullest. Make friends with other recovering alcoholics via a group therapy session and suggest spending time with each other during the holiday season.

Go To Places Without Alcohol Available

Instead of going to locations where alcohol is present, consider frequenting places where there is no temptation to drink because beverages are not available. Don’t go to a club, party, sporting event, or concert where alcohol will be served. Instead, choose alcohol-free areas. Take in a movie, enjoy an outdoor hobby, or stay at home. There are plenty of seasonal events to enjoy where non-alcoholic drinks are available instead. Enjoy the season and those around you, but do your best to avoid locations where it is easy to order a drink.

Make Plans For The Holidays In Advance

It is tough to stay away from alcohol if you have an addiction. Stick to a plan. Don’t allow yourself to grab a drink at all when celebrating the holidays. To do this, schedule the events you wish to partake in before the holidays arrive. If you have a busy schedule, there is less chance of thinking about drinking. Keep on top of your celebrations with a calendar or phone application. If you find you have downtime, use it to rest comfortably at home away from the temptation of alcohol.

Consider Giving Your Time

Put your sober holidays to good use by helping others who want to have alcoholic beverages. Being a designated driver is a rewarding experience and helps you to focus on the task at hand. Do not go into an establishment where alcohol served, but rather stay in the parking lot or be on call when a friend or loved one needs a safe ride. Bring along a friend who is not going to drink to keep you company while picking up others at a bar to give a ride home to stay entertained.

Keep Up With Treatment Programs

Treatment is a necessity if you have an alcohol addiction. Washburn House is located in Worcester, MA, and provides an array of treatment options for those struggling with alcohol and/or drug addiction. To enjoy the sober holidays, stick with a treatment plan. Here are some services we offer at our facility:

If you are concerned about having successful sober holidays, make the first step in obtaining help by contacting Washburn House. Contact us at 855.298.3104 to find out more about our treatment programs.

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