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4 Ways to Help Your Addicted Adult Child

If you’re the parent of an addicted adult, you probably want to do everything you can to save your child. On the other hand, you may believe they have to do it on their own. Addiction is complex. Family dynamics are unique. Support in one family may look different than support in another. It’s important to strike a balance between loving support and letting your adult child take the initiative. Helping adult children with addiction issues can seem daunting, but there is help available. To learn how to help adult children with drug abuse or alcohol misuse issues, contact Washburn House at 855.298.3104 today. Our addiction treatment center understands the complexities of family dynamics. We can help support you and your family.

How to Help Adult Children with Addiction

Here are some ways to help adult children with addiction issues:

1. Stop Enabling

One common mistake parents make is enabling their children. Enabling is when you try to fix a problem for someone but in a way that interferes with their ability to take responsibility. Parents enable children when they protect them from the consequences of their actions. Enabling parents of addicted children may have good intentions, but their actions only maintain the problem. Examples of enabling behavior include:

  • Keeping secrets about your child’s behavior from others
  • Making excuses for your child’s behavior (with family members, friends, employers, teachers, and legal authorities)
  • Bailing your addicted child out of trouble (paying their rent and debts, hiring lawyers, providing jobs)
  • Giving money that is undeserved or unearned
  • Blaming others for your addicted child’s behavior (such as employers, friends, partners, teachers, family, and even yourself)
  • Avoiding your addicted adult child for peace of mind
  • Making threats that are inconsistent or that you don’t follow through on
  • Taking care of aspects of your child’s life that he or she should be expected to do

Parents of addicted adults can help their children by allowing them to take full responsibility for their actions. The consequences of addiction may be unpleasant, but experiencing them can give them the motivation they need.

2. Encourage Independence

To help them grow, encourage them to be independent:

  • Set boundaries. Decide in advance what is and isn’t acceptable behavior and stick to them.
  • Be firm. Make sure that your child understands the consequences of breaking the boundaries you’ve set.
  • Show trust, but verify. Encourage independence by trusting them to make their own decisions

Independence is important for people to heal and feel valued.

3. Help Them Get the Right Treatment

Your child is likely self-medicating pain. Substance abuse is a way of dealing with the pain of:

  • Isolation
  • Stress
  • Low self-esteem
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

It’s important for people to receive the proper treatment for these conditions. Talk to your child about treatment options. If they’re open to the idea, help them find a good therapist or counselor who specializes in addiction and mental health issues.

4. Take Care of Yourself

All the stress and worry of caring for an addicted adult can take a toll. Make sure you take time to rest, relax, and recharge. Take breaks from thinking about your child’s addiction. Exercise and eat healthy meals to help maintain your emotional balance. If necessary, seek counseling or therapy yourself to manage the stress associated with addiction in your family.

Remember, you can’t save your child from addiction, but you can be there for them and support them on their journey to recovery. By taking steps to help adult children with addiction issues, you can provide the guidance they need to take responsibility for their lives. Washburn House is here to help.

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