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Washburn House is a substance abuse treatment center offering help to you wherever you are in your addiction or recovery journey. We’re located in Worcester, Massachusetts—roughly 45 miles from Boston. There are many advantages to our programs that make the trip west worthwhile. Many of these allow you to stay connected to your home community in Boston or experience it in a new way. You can also remove yourself from the triggers in Boston that may have gotten you into trouble before.

Take a look at the treatment options our rehab center offers to get you on the road to recovery:

Medically Monitored Detox

Our medical detox program gives you a safe, welcoming environment in which to detox from substances. You’ll have ‘round-the-clock support from specially trained doctors and nurses. These medical staff will make your detox experience as comfortable as possible and intervene if withdrawal symptoms become dangerous.

Inpatient Drug Rehab

Inpatient drug rehab is a residential treatment program offering 24-hour care at our facility in Worcester, MA. In this environment, you’ll be free of the distractions and triggers at home, allowing you to devote your full attention to getting healthy. Inpatient treatment includes individual therapy and group therapy, led by Masters-level clinicians.

Day Treatment

Day treatment, or partial hospitalization (PHP), is an outpatient treatment program consisting of six hours of therapy five days a week. You’ll have the freedom to return home to Boston each day, making it ideal if you’re looking to transition back into the community or still need to take care of responsibilities at home.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Our intensive outpatient treatment program in MA is our lowest level of care and allows you to spend the most time living at home. IOP involves three hours of group therapy, three days per week, plus individual therapy. With this option, you can enjoy the sense of community and support group therapy provides, while remaining part of your home community in Boston.

Boston Massachusetts Addiction Treatment CenterHow Far Is Washburn House from Boston?

Washburn House is located at:

1183 Main Street
Worcester, MA

It’s only about an hour’s drive west of Boston. The most direct route is I-90 West. Off I-90, take Exit 10A, and drive north on MA-146. The Quinsigamond Avenue exit will take you to Cambridge Street, which will lead you to Main Street.

Public transportation is also available between Boston and Worcester. The Framingham/Worcester Line from South Station in Boston will take you to Union Station in Worcester. You can then take the 33 Bus route to the Main Street and Wayne Street stop. The Greyhound Hartford line will also take you directly to Union Station in Worcester.

Does Washburn House Provide Transportation to and from Boston?

We may be able to provide transportation to and from your home in Boston to Worcester. It depends on individual factors. Contact us to find out whether this may be an option for you!

What Fun, Sober Activities Can I Find in Boston?

You may wonder what life will be like once you’re in recovery from substance use. Will you be able to find anything to do that doesn’t involve drugs and alcohol? Fortunately, Boston is a huge and diverse city. There are many activities for a variety of lifestyles and interests!

Check out a few examples:

Get Fit with the November Project

Exercising is a great coping skill and can be super beneficial when you’re newly sober. The November Project is a large-scale group workout that’s free and open to everyone. It’s hosted in various outdoor spots around the city. It could be the perfect opportunity to explore more of Boston and discover a love for being active.

Explore History

Boston is a treasure trove of historical sites. Whether you’re a history buff or not, it’s hard not to appreciate the significance of Boston for the U.S. The Paul Revere House and the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum are just a couple places you can learn about the role this city played in our nation’s early history. In addition, the number of Boston sites, museums, and memorials to explore are endless, and some are even free! Check out Bunker Hill Monument and the USS Constitution Museum.

Become a Foodie

Boston boasts its own unique culinary identity. You can find everything from craft burgers to authentic dim sum and, of course, plenty of great seafood options in staple areas like the North Shore.

Also, you can even take a tour of Taza Chocolate® Factory to learn about and sample stone-ground chocolate.

Free Tours by Foot is a Boston-based company offering pay-what-you-like food tours for those looking to sample great food without breaking the bank.

Alcohol and Substance Support Groups in Boston

There are many support groups in Boston for those in recovery from substance abuse. Twelve-step groups meet in locations across the city:

SMART Recovery® groups meet in various locations all around Boston. They’re great if you’re seeking an alternative to the traditional 12-step group.

NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) Massachusetts is a great resource for locating support groups across the city.

Washburn House will happily connect you with resources and services in Boston after you leave treatment. Your recovery doesn’t end when you pass through our doors; it’s a lifelong journey. Our team is happy to set up outpatient therapy, help you find a local support group, aid you in relapse prevention, or anything else you need.

If you’re interested in attending a treatment program at Washburn House, let us get to know your situation and help you set things up. We can make your transition as smooth as possible and ensure you get the most out of your substance abuse treatment.

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