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Why You Need Addiction Recovery

mentAddiction to substances such as painkillers, alcohol, and other drugs can be highly disruptive to your personal and professional life. Overcoming addiction is more than quitting the substance entirely and making it through the detox phase. Addiction is a complex illness and requires a comprehensive treatment program that addresses all of the factors involved. The reasons why you need addiction recovery are numerous. If you need an addiction treatment program, contact the experts at Washburn House today by calling 855.298.3104

Monitoring by Medical Professionals 

Many people consider quitting their substance “cold turkey” without professional assistance. For some substances, using this approach can result in significant health consequences or even death. Going through the withdrawal symptoms without knowledgeable support at your side can also lead to relapses.

An addiction recovery treatment program gives you access to medical professionals who have extensive training in monitoring the detox process. They can prescribe you medication to help with the withdrawal symptoms. They can also increase your chances of successfully detoxing and moving on to the next stage of addiction recovery.

Gaining Insight Into Addiction Triggers

Self-introspection can be difficult in the middle of addiction. Many substances make it challenging to think clearly. You may be unable to determine the underlying reasons for the addiction or what life changes need to occur to recover from it.

Trained professionals at addiction recovery programs guide you through understanding your addiction triggers and how you can avoid them. They help you gain new insight into yourself and allow you to move forward in your personal development.

Here are some common addiction triggers: 

  • Cravings 
  • Enabling social circle 
  • Access to the substance 
  • Locations where you used the substance 

Building Up Tools to Overcome Addiction and Why You Need Addiction Recovery

Another benefit of addiction recovery programs is that you end up with many tools to help you manage addiction and achieve your life goals. The exact form of these tools is personalized to your unique situation and may involve dual diagnosis treatment, group therapy, creative activities, social support, and other solutions.

Finding a Sober Living Environment

Addiction is particularly hard to overcome if you have easy access to the substance and a social circle that heavily encourages its use. When a sober living environment isn’t possible at your own home, an inpatient program at an addiction recovery center allows you to remove that temptation from your life during a set period.

Once you complete the inpatient portion of the program, the organization can help you find sober housing. This housing lets you continue to have the supportive environment you need moving forward. In short, this environment makes for a compelling reason why you need addiction recovery. 

Ongoing Access to Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment is not a one-and-done process. It’s a continuous process that doesn’t necessarily have linear progress. Our addiction recovery program can provide resources for every step of the way.

You have helping hands whenever you have difficulties with adjusting to your new life, when you have questions, and when you need assistance with resisting temptation. For instance, group and one-on-one therapy sessions are two examples of ongoing addiction recovery options available. Additionally, by having a professional therapist to check-in with regularly, you have support as you encounter new challenges and achieve new successes.

Addiction recovery programs provide much-needed support for people who need help with a severe addiction. This multi-faceted approach sets you up for long-term success in managing and recovering from addiction. Therefore, it’s clear why you need addiction recovery to achieve life goals. Contact us today at 855.298.3104 to learn more about how we can help you.

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