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Wine Mom Culture

In the simplest terms possible, a wine mom is a mother who drinks wine. However, wine mom culture has grown into a popular, yet dangerous phenomenon. The culture has brought mothers together for weekly social events where drinking wine is the focus. But trend has become so popular that is has sparked a massive marketing industry. It is only natural to try to use alcohol to socialize and cope with motherhood stresses. But it’s a quick path to alcohol addiction.

If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol misuse, contact Washburn House today at 855.298.3104. Our alcohol addiction treatment program addresses wine mom culture and addiction issues. We can help you learn to cope with stresses in healthier ways.

Understanding Wine Mom Culture

If you ask a self-identifying mother to explain the culture, she’ll likely tell you that a wine mom is an exhausted parent who just needs a time out.  While there is nothing new about mothers who want the occasional escape, the presence of the internet, sleek marketing, and social media has created a culture that targets mothers. As a result, wine moms feel connected to other wine moms, creating a greater acceptance of drinking wine as a way of coping with stress, anxiety, or depression.

Why Do Moms Drink?

Categorically, there is no difference between mothers and any other demographic or segment of society that needs alcohol rehab. When you take into consideration all aspects of a mother’s life, there are several reasons why they may buy into wine culture, including:

  • The daily stress of taking care of children
  • Additional stress brought on by work, finances, or health problems
  • The need to connect with friends, family, or coworkers
  • Inability to cope with stress in a healthy manner
  • The subtle shift from occasional drinking to addiction to dependency
  • Other factors such as genetics, environment, or family traits

It doesn’t take much for the occasional binging session to turn into a daily habit. A mother who reaches out to alcohol as a way of releasing stress may soon find themselves in the middle of a full-blown dependency.

How Wine Mom Culture Hurts Health

The effects of alcohol addiction can be devastating. Not only does it put your health at risk, but it can also lead to damage in relationships, work life, and finances. And when a mother is struggling with an addiction, the children are often more prone to mental health issues or substance misuse themselves.

Signs that a mom may need professional treatment include:

  • A drastic change in behavior
  • Reducing activities once enjoyed
  • Lack of interest in spending time with children or family
  • Increasing alcohol consumption to cope with emotions
  • Withdrawing from friends and loved ones

Wine is just as harmful as any other type of alcohol, and the consequences can be far-reaching. If you are struggling with alcohol, it is important to get help.

Treatment for Alcohol Addiction

A women’s alcohol rehab center offers a comprehensive treatment program for alcoholism, as well as anxiety, depression, or other disorders associated with parenthood.

Treatment may include:

  • Alcohol detox
  • Inpatient and intensive outpatient services
  • Evidence-based treatment
  • Holistic care
  • Individual, family, and group therapy
  • Extended care services after rehab

Alcohol addiction treatment programs provide specialized treatment that addresses a mother’s issues, personal needs, and goals. Clients can take advantage of an array of treatments that range from cognitive-behavioral therapy and holistic care to ongoing therapy in individual and group settings.

Help for Alcohol Abuse at Washburn House

If you are a mother who has struggled with alcohol due to wine mom culture, then now is the time to get help. Washburn House offers complete addiction care at our outpatient alcohol addiction treatment center in Massachusetts. To find out more about your treatment options, contact us by calling 855.298.3104 to speak with a specialist.

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