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Risks of Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol is present throughout society, from social drinking opportunities to easy access to drinks at bars, restaurants, and stores. The risks of alcohol abuse are prevalent when drinking is a socially accepted substance, and they can lead to many medical issues. Here are some of the health concerns that can occur if you drink too much alcohol.

If you experience the negative side effects of drinking, reach out to an alcohol rehab center in MA.

Risks of Alcohol Abuse

The risks of alcohol abuse cause problems with your health, relationships, and career.

Increased Risk of Injuries

You’re not thinking clearly when you’re under the influence of alcohol. Your actions can put you in a position where you would get injured when you wouldn’t be at a high-risk of if you were sober. Some common examples of these injuries include falling downstairs, getting in a car accident, or having an accident at work.

Alcohol Poisoning

If you drink a lot of alcohol in a short time span, your blood alcohol level can rapidly rise. At a certain point, this leads to alcohol poisoning. It’s a dangerous condition and often requires emergency intervention, as the alcohol may need to get pumped out of your system and supportive care provided until you recover.

Alcohol Dependence

When you drink frequently over a long period, such as months or years, your body will begin to form a dependence on alcohol. It’s an addiction that makes it very hard to reduce or stop your drinking, as the withdrawal is incredibly hard. In some cases, quitting cold turkey can lead to death from delirium tremens. Alcohol detox plays an important role in helping you get through the withdrawal process and other risks of alcohol abuse.

High Risk of Several Diseases and Conditions

You’re also at greater risk for many illnesses, diseases, and mental disorders. Alcohol abuse is hard on your liver and your heart. You could end up getting high blood pressure or a non-functional liver. Alcohol abuse is a risk factor in several types of cancer. If you’re pregnant, drinking can result in birth defects, miscarriages, fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, and other complications. Contact a women’s alcohol rehab center to reduce complications.

Outside of the conditions directly related to alcohol abuse, your immune system also takes a hit. It’s not able to operate as well as it normally does due to the effects of alcohol. You’re susceptible to contagious diseases and your body may have a hard time fighting them off.

Issues in Your Personal and Professional Lives

Drinking reduces your inhibitions, which may lead to problematic behavior in many aspects of your life. You may do or say things that you don’t intend to, such as being violent or engaging in sexual activity. It’s difficult to remember what you’re doing or to react properly in emergency situations.

For example, if you’re on-call for your job, you wouldn’t be able to respond if you needed to head in. Or if your child gets sick and needs to go to the emergency room, you would have to find someone else to drive them in or call an ambulance.

Trying to maintain friendships and relationships become difficult as the alcohol abuse spills over into these areas. You may find yourself fighting with your spouse or yelling at your children, arguing with your friends, and making poor choices.

Get Treatment for the Risks of Alcohol Abuse

The risks of alcohol abuse can be managed with the right help. An alcohol abuse treatment program provides you with the dedicated care and support you need to achieve a sober life. Some ways that these programs help include:

With so many program options, you can select the one that best fits your lifestyle needs. Some people prefer receiving inpatient services, while others may need to balance their family life and work alongside their recovery.
Contact Washburn House at 855.298.3104 to learn more about our comprehensive treatment options that are customized to fit your situation.

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