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What are the Dangers of Binge Drinking?

Dangers of Binge Drinking

Excessive drinking is almost glorified in our society. People brag about how much alcohol they can hold down, social media is filled with people at parties doing keg stands, and drinks flow freely at countless social events. The dangers of binge drinking are often downplayed, but they’re incredibly serious and usually require an alcohol rehab center for recovery.

How Many Drinks Fall Under Binge Drinking

Binge drinking happens at a much lower drink count than you might think. Your blood alcohol level is 0.08 g/dl or higher during a binge. Typically it’s defined as four drinks for women and five for men over a two-hour timespan, according to the Center for Disease Control. Even if you don’t feel drunk from those numbers, your body is still feeling the effects of binging.

Binge Drinkers are Not Generally Alcoholics

You don’t have to be an alcoholic to run into alcohol abuse issues. In fact, people who binge on alcohol are rarely alcohol dependent. Instead, you might have limited experience with alcohol or are having a particularly bad day at work. Sometimes social anxiety can lead people to drink as a way of reducing their nervousness.

No matter what the reason, the dangers of binge drinking creates many problems in your life. Both health and behavior issues are associated with this type of alcohol abuse. But you can receive help for binge drinking, alcohol abuse, and addiction at the alcohol addiction treatment center in MA.

Health Risks of Alcohol Abuse

You face many health risks from drinking too much alcohol in too short of a time span. One of the primary issues is that your blood alcohol content goes up rapidly and your body is not able to process this substance effectively.

You may blackout or lose your memory from this period. Your coordination is compromised, so falling over or onto dangerous things could lead to injuries. If you decide to drive while under the influence, car crashes are another significant risk of alcohol abuse.

If you frequently binge drink, then you can start to have long-term effects of alcohol abuse. These can include cardiac issues, liver failure, and many types of cancer. People who are pregnant also expose their babies to several conditions and pregnancy complications.

Vomiting from binge drinking can also lead to damage to your throat, teeth, and mouth. The stomach acid that comes up can create many issues in these areas.

Behavior Issues with Binge Drinking

Binge drinking can place you in compromising situations that you wouldn’t have chosen sober or make you act in a way that is not typical for you. You could lose your friends, family, and job over your behavior while intoxicated. Trying to resolve these issues after the binge drinking session may be difficult or impossible.

Binge drinking can have a negative impact on your mental health, which can lead to other behavior issues that impact your life. For example, an individual can start to feel more depressed and consider self-harm.

Treatment for binge drinking can help you stop overdrinking by examining the causes that lead to that behavior.

Getting Treatment for the Dangers of Binge Drinking

It can be difficult to resist the temptation to drink to excess when alcohol is such a large part of social interactions. Alcohol abuse and the reasons behind why you drink can be a lot to work through on your own. An alcohol abuse recovery program provides you with access to the resources that can help you regain control.

Some services you can use through these programs include:

You’re able to work with experienced providers that provide the best treatments for binge drinking. They’ll guide you through your crisis and provide you with coping mechanisms that keep you on the right path. Your recovery and treatment goals are always considered with each plan presented to you.

Worried about the dangers of binge drinking? Get started on a path to sober living by contacting Washburn House at 855.298.3104.

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