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Facing the Realities of Weed Use

Is It Time To Stop? Facing the Realities of Weed Use

As marijuana legalization efforts move forward throughout the country, weed use has increased considerably in certain circles. Cannabis is often thought of as being less harmful than other drugs abused and even alcohol. While cannabis use may not be associated with overdose or some of the physical harm that comes with the use of “hard …

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Man looking out window wonders what are dabs

What are Dabs?

Legalization of marijuana led to a proliferation of pot shops. If you want to smoke weed, this is your time. But for some drug abusers, traditional cannabis intoxication isn’t enough. What are dabs, and are they dangerous? What are Dabs? A dab is a concentrate of THC, which is the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. It’s …

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Woman holding a jar of marijuana who needs to know how to stop smoking weed

How to Stop Smoking Weed

Your friends said that pot wasn’t addictive. However, they were wrong. When you find yourself wondering how to stop smoking weed, you know you’re struggling with drug dependency. Rehab offers a solution. THC Addiction Creates a Powerful Habit Smoking marijuana is a form of self-medication for some. It relaxes them and helps counteract social anxiety. …

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